11.08.2011 UK RIOTS



We have all been shocked and saddened by the last few days of rioting, which started in Tottenham and has spread throughout the capital and on to Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol city centres.

You may have an employee who directly experienced the disturbances. Perhaps they witnessed the devastation it caused, felt at risk of physical injury, or may have even lost homes and possessions? Maybe they live in the areas affected, or close by, and are worried about their ongoing safety? For loved ones, friends and colleagues of those in the areas affected, they will naturally be worried about their safety and wellbeing.

During this time, please do remind employees of their Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), its 24/7 availability and the range of practical support we can offer, including counselling. Workforce Wellness can also mobilise our trauma specialists to provide on-site support should a team require it.

Our EAP support website also contains a range of supporting materials for employees and will be updated with additional information as the situation develops.

Also to remember is that trauma and responses to it can be delayed. So while it’s important to support employees now, it’s also essential to keep an eye out for individuals who may experience delayed reactions to these events. For someone previously involved in a traumatic incident, the events which are unfolding could re-ignite emotions and memories which have been hidden or managed until now.

Please contact your EAP service for advice and support, available 24/7. If your organisation is yet to set-up your EAP then please contact Workforce Wellness for a quotation or to discuss the benefits of such a paramount service.

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