16.08.2009 Talk to Frank - Drugs Awareness

Drugs Awareness
Worried about a child ?  Whether you're a parent or a carer this is a good place to start.
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FAQs (child)
My child is experimenting with drugs, will they become an addict ?
It's natural to feel anxious and concerned. The most important thing is not to panic.  There's no strong evidence to suggest that young people who experiment will become regular drug users. It's actually a small minority of people who use 'soft drugs' (like cannabis) that'll move onto other drugs.  Arm yourself with the facts (explore our site), so you can begin to have an open conversation with your child about drugs.

Is Cannabis harmless ?
While cannabis is not a physically addictive drug, it can be a trigger to any underlying mental health problems. It can also easily become a habit.
Why is my child trying drugs?
The reason for taking drugs is different for each individual. Social or personal issues can factor in. However, the big issue is peer pressure. So talk to your child openly and suggest some ways to build their confidence to avoid this kind of pressure.
My child has been on heroin for years, what can I do?
Dealing with a child that has a serious drug problem can be an emotional rollercoaster. The withdrawal symptoms from heroin are very severe and it may take several attempts before your child successfully breaks their addiction. Remember, your child must WANT to stop using drugs first. There are however, many different methods of treatment and support groups which your child can use. You may also want to look into support groups for family members. This is a good opportunity for you to voice your feelings and see how others are coping.
How can I get someone sectioned ? ...and does it actually work ?
Sectioning someone is a big decision. It can also be a difficult process to go through, so get some professional advice first. The process begins with an application. This is based on the recommendations of two medical professionals and other information required for each individual case. Although the police can make an arrest, they don't have the power to section someone and still need to contact a medical professional.
My child is acting strange and I think they're hanging out with the wrong crowd, what can I do ?
Remember growing up can be tough. There are a lot of things going on: your child's body is changing, they're dealing with a massive surge of hormones and they're out to assert their own personality. So with all this going on, it's normal for young people to be moody or act a little strange. Ask your child about what's going on in their world and how they're coping with all these changes. Also talk openly to them about drugs. Make sure they're aware of the risks (both physical and legal). You may even want to leave some books or leaflets about drugs lying around the house.
What happens at a treatment centre or clinic ?
The first step is a face-to-face appointment with a member of a clinic. They'll ask a series of questions to work out the right sort of treatment based on the individual. The types of help they might suggest are:
•In-patient and out-patient detox
•Prescription of medication
•Group therapy or complimentary therapies (like acupuncture, meditation)

Some of these Talk to Frank suggestions may involve being put on a waiting list first (which could be quite long, but worth the wait). Also in some cases you may need to get a GP referral.
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