31.05.2013 Some Holiday Advice - What To Take

The most important thing to take on holiday is you, in the best health possible.  If you've been putting off a dental check-up or any other routine medical matters please consider dealing with these before you go on your holiday.  Medical and dental care outside Europe may not meet EU standards and can be expensive.


First Aid Kit

  • A standard kit, which you can put together yourself, should contain:
  • Plasters or adhesive dressings
  • Insect repellent
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Water sterilisation tablets
  • Anti-diarrhoea tablets
  • Oral rehydration tablets
  • Painkillers
  • Calamine lotion
  • Sun block

Emergency medial travel kits can be purchased containing sealed, sterilised items such as needles, syringes and suture materials.  Please consult your GP for direct medical advice and how to obtain such kits.



Remember to pack any medications you're currently taking.  Make a note of the non-branded, generic name of the medication so you can get hold of it easily abroad if need be.  Don't forget your malaria tablets, if required.


You can gain much more detailed advice from your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and via the secure EAP website.  Employers that do not currently have an EAP in-place and wishing to consider such a service, please contact Workforce Wellness for a quotation.

To request an EAP quotation please call 024 7651 6097 or email




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