10.03.2013 Record & Report, All-New Service from Workforce Wellness

Workforce Wellness has launched its all-new Day-1 Absence Reporting service.  A service that combines cutting-edge technology with innovation and is backed by a wealth of experience to inspire healthy attendance.

The service costs from just £3 per employee per month.  You can sign up to use our 24/7 absence record & reporting service. Your organisation can choose to have employees call our dedicated management-centre to register their absence, or have them login online and enter the information themselves.

Operating a centralised absence reporting system, the service collects and stores all employee absence data and sends immediate alerts by email and text to the appropriate contacts. You will also have access to various online tools as well as access to the resource centre, helping you make the most of your data.

The service is easy to implement and easy to use.


Modern attendance management
The service has been designed to be mutually reinforcing and to help your organisation lower its absence levels whilst achieving a strong Return-on-Investment (ROI). The service offers a refreshing approach based upon our key values to:

  • Engage
  • Inspire
  • Empower
  • Improve

We will work with your organisation to streamline processes and help ensure compliance and consistency from an employee’s first day of absence to their full return to work.

Three easy steps

If you follow our three easy steps, the service will guarantee that both your long-term and short-term absence levels will decrease while your organisation achieves a measurable ROI and improves the bottom line:

Step 1. Record absence fully, completely and timely. Use this data to analyse and identify problem areas within your organisation.
Step 2. Empower line managers and HR staff to handle absence proactively and enforce policies consistently.
Step 3. Quickly refer employees to the necessary OH physician, Physiotherapist or EAP to establish a return-to-work plan.

We will work with you to ensure these steps are being followed and your absence related goals are achieved. We also help managers to ensure outlined performance targets are being addressed.


Interested to know more ?  Further information is now available on the Workforce Wellness main website.  You can also request an information-pack by calling 024 7651 6097.

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