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17.03.2011 Over 1 Billion Funding Shortfall in Social Care

Social Care Funding Shortfall


By 2014 Social Care within England will be looking at a funding shortfall in excess of £1bn pounds. Such a shortfall in social care funding would no doubt see the NHS of the day facing serious consequences.

A recently commissioned analysis report predicted that councils and relating authorities would find it increasing difficult to protect home help and care home places as they come to terms with cuts in funding.

The analysis report goes on to say that if this happened there could be more admissions to NHS hospitals and longer delays in discharging.

However, the coalition government responded by saying it did not believe there would be a funding gap, and that The Department of Health has earmarked more money for social care.

The analysis report says that the most likely scenario would be that the social care in England would be cut by around 7% in real terms, meaning that a funding shortfall of £1.2bn pounds would open up within the four years. This would mean fewer people getting help at home or access to care homes.

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