09.05.2013 Organisational Behaviour (OB)

The prime objective of Organisational Behaviour (OB) is to investigate the impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behaviour within an organisation, and for developing our understanding and development of people skill.

OB is a multidisciplinary and complex field, a growing field that has received a tremendous amount of academic study.  It is by understanding the behavioural patterns within an organisation, that knowledge and respective actions can be applied towards improving organisational effectiveness.

The study of OB relates to the expected behaviour of an individual within an organisation and to understand why people behave as they do, and to predict future behaviour. The central idea of the study of OB is that a scientific approach can be applied to the management of people.

Organisational behaviour theories are used for human resource purposes to maximise the output from individual group members.  There are a variety of different models and philosophies of organisational behaviour, with areas of research including job performance, increasing job satisfaction, encouraging innovation and promoting leadership.

Many organisations are now starting to integrate polices on Organisational Behaviour.  Has your organisation adopted an OB Policy ?  If not, and you would like to discuss this with an experienced consultant please email your contact details and level of interest to:



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