09.01.2013 Day One Absence Reporting

Record & Report

Intervention:  Day One Absence Recording

The average annual cost of employee absence per employee was £673.00 across all organisations in 2011.  This divulged from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

This is why Workforce Wellness now  offers an absence reporting centre whereby employees call the service as their first point of contact to confirm their absence.  We will record relevant data about the employee’s absence and provide immediate notification to the relevant manager.  This data will then enable you to target an employee’s absence at its most early stage progressing to other services such as ill health management referrals or perhaps recommending the use of an EAP which in turn will drive early intervention.

Early Intervention is key to the swift return to work of employees and by managing sickness absence at its most early stages you will be able to benefit from:


  • Safe and Healthy workplace
  • Retention of valued employees
  • Enhanced employee performance


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