30.04.2013 Customer Satisfaction

Not all service providers take time to research customer satisfaction. 

It is good practice to frequently ask customers whether the service being provided has met or exceeded expectations.  When customers have high expectations and for whatever reason a service falls short, customers will become dissatisfied, disappointed and will invariably lose confidence in the service.

That is why it is imperative that service providers continuously review the services they are delivering, and that they obtain customer feedback in order to learn and improve.  Customer satisfaction is one of the most essential elements of customer retention. 

To ensure customer satisfaction the service being provided must fully deliver in areas of quality, reliability, function and performance.  Once a customer has bought into a service, then it is the role of the account manager to see that the service performs as promised.


Best practice – Best price

Unfortunately in the current financial climate it is all too easy for a potential customer when shopping for a service to get caught up in the trap of seeking bottom price as opposed to ensuring they are getting value for money.  No doubt there will always be a service provider of some description offering ‘cheap as chips’ but customer beware – it’s probably cheap for a reason !

From the customer’s perspective and for the best chance of being completely satisfied with their end-purchase, it is far better to seek best practice, and then to negotiate the best price you can for that level of service.

Reputable service providers will have a proven track record of delivering good service, customer satisfaction and will be able to back-up their promises with genuine customer testimonials and references.


The underlined message here is:

To the service provider: good communciation with customers, talk to them and work hard to ensure that the service sold to them delivers as promised.  Good account management is key.

To the customer: do your homework, research the wider market and look to buy a quality service, and a service that will meet your needs.  Don't just buy on price alone as this may end-up being a false economy.



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