18.08.2009 Cogntive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Workforce Wellness

Background to the Workforce Wellness CBT offering
Cognitive Behavourial Therapy (CBT) is an approah to counselling and psychotherapy which is supported by a strong evidence base.  It focuses on patterns of thinking which are unhelpful to the individual, as well as the beliefs which underlie such thinking.  CBT, in common with Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), is a talking therapy shown by numerous studies to be effective.
CBT complements the Workforce Wellness exisitng SFBT approach well by offering an additional approach for clients that can be used to deal with life issues.
Workforce Wellness is delighted to be able to offer a service that is widely used in the NHS and this approach represents an extremely valuable addition to our range of clinical services.
Online CBT
The Workforce Wellness online CBT range of services.  This is an internet based system that helps people to understand their difficulties, access effective treatment strategies and monitor their own development.  The online CBT programme offers education about the important factors involved in the development and maintenance of difficult issues.  Skills and strategies to assist in overcoming difficulties and improve quality of life, and ways to integrate skills into everyday life in order to enhance wellbeing and bring about positive behavioural change.
Online CBT - How it works
When employees ring in to gain service they will be passed through to one of our highly qualified and experienced clinicians, ho will assess them and their suitability for one or more of our services.
Factors such as willingness to use the service and the ability to use the internet are just some of the aspects that will be taken into account when offering the 'online' course.  The course works well for those who have mild to moderate depression or aniety, and for those who take up the service there is an added benefit of support from the clinician to ensure that they get the best out of the course.
In this way employees benefit from the understanding relationship with the counsellor and the self-help course using well known CBT techniques.
Generalist Service
As outlined assessment can lead to:
Solution-focused telephone counselling delivered by highly trained professionals (single session or a number of sessions with the same therapist (referred to as Formal Telephone Counselling).
Online CBT Service
Telephone Assessment may also lead to:
Online CBT course (with telephone support by the Intake Counselling Team)
Online CBT: Available FREE to customers that have the Workforce Wellness Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with Face to Face Counselling entitlement.
Ad-hoc CBT Services (Online or Face to Face): Please email us to request a quotation, at Subject: CBT Quotation Request.
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